Upim è di casa.

You're sure to feel at home in our new Upim. Because it's simple, fun, and stylish.
And because it knows all about your desires and your needs. Here at Upim, you will find everything you need when it comes to fashions for your and your loved ones, as well as beauty products and housewares. Quality items at Upim prices, because we don’t think you need to spend more than you have to. That way, you can use the money you save for even more important things. It’s simple, isn’t it?


ConTé Scarpe Moda

ConTé Shoes and Fashion was born in Biella in 1978 and today, as then, makes attention to the customer its reference corporate value, while maintaining quality, assortment and affordability in prices. Inside the store you can find a wide selection of Made in Italy shoes and accessories, but not only, a wide range of sports footwear from the best brands on the market.

ConTé Scarpe Moda

DeN, jeans & multibrand fashion, is an original blend of the most representative brands of the denim world, emerging brands and the most innovative lines. It is the graphic evolution of De Nîmes Store, a brand intended to evoke the origins of denim , known for centuries as "Toile de Nîmes", from the name of the French city in which it was woven.


Our mission is "to enter into the inner of every Yamamay woman", making the store an emotional and engaging environment, a parallel world in which the consumer can fully enjoy the excellent quality / price ratio of the productions, but also of the added values. represented by the desire to escape from the commonplace of everyday life, to stand out from the standardizing choices and to buy clothes with a high emotional content.


Tezenis,is a trendy and young clothing Italian brand. It introduces panty collections for men, women and children: bras, suit and lingerie, swimsuits and pyjamas, boxer and slips for men: a trendy look for each occasion. Tezenis underwear and clothing are a fundamental must for women and girls who want to value their body shapes. From slips to bras, from undershirt to leggings, all is produced to intensify womanliness with a touch of originality.  



Terranova is one of the most important cool, young, urban and cheaper brands in Europe with 462 stores mono-brand in 34 countries. The metropolitan style of Terranova si distingue per la sua immagine accessibile e sempre aggiornata, semplice e, allo stesso tempo, cool. Terranova experience is based on three key concepts: easy to wear, easy to buy thanks to its low prices, easy to live, thanks to the sensation of freedom and freshness you can find in Terranova stores.


Tally Weijl

TALLY WEiJL is a brand for self-confident young women and one of the most important players on the international fast fashion market.
The combination of irresistible styles and a unique brand experience have led to the thirty-year success story of the Swiss company, founded in 1984 by Tally Elfassi-Weijl and Beat Grüring. Today, TALLY WEiJL is present with 870 stores in 40 countries.

Tally Weijl

It doesn’t matter if a clothing is cool and refined or if it’s basic-chic or sportive-casual; who wants a new clothing, mustn’t pay a lot, because Takko offers cheap style for each familiy. Into Takko stores you can discover unique and perfectly coordinated articles.

The range of products is dedicated to men, women, boys, girls and children.
There is a wide range of accessories and underwear too.
The range of collections is exclusively made from own brands that guarantee high but simply fashion.