Clothing and footwear


Upim è di casa.

You're sure to feel at home in our new Upim. Because it's simple, fun, and stylish.
And because it knows all about your desires and your needs. Here at Upim, you will find everything you need when it comes to fashions for your and your loved ones, as well as beauty products and housewares. Quality items at Upim prices, because we don’t think you need to spend more than you have to. That way, you can use the money you save for even more important things. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Upim was founded in Verona, in 1928. It is a department store that is a reference point for accessible shopping with service and value for money, designed to meet the real needs of families..
With over 400 stores, including points of sale dedicated to kids’ clothing, located in city centres, shopping malls and residential areas all over Italy, Upim is close to people as part of everyday life. A focus on contemporary styles and to real lives, listening the the requirements of families and the actual needs of its customers are all things that make Upim such a familiar everyday presence in homes, as well as a genuine point of reference in the areas where it has a presence.
Upim’s ranges include men's and women’s fashions, and kids’ clothing with its Blukids brand, including Baby (0-36 months), Kids (2-8 years), and Junior (9-15 years) collections, which stand out for their use of natural fibres. Upim also sells personal care items and homewares under its Croff brand name.

Many of Upim’s clothing and underwear items are made in Biocotton (grown without using synthetic agricultural chemicals), which has Oeko-Tex certification to guarantee that chemicals are not used to make the clothing. The company is part of the Better Cotton Initiative.