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S.T.S. Fashion Jewelry

S.T.S. fashion jewelry represents a new concept of modern jewelry. A main brand, Swarovski, flanked by just two other brands: Swatch and Trollbeads.
Clear and bright spaces with all the products on display to give the customer an immediate image of our offer. You can find products for all budgets, but always characterized by a very high quality-price ratio. >
“Swarovski, world leader in cut crystal and synonymous with light and elegance, presents in its stores the sparkling collections of jewelry, watches, accessories and decorative objects. Products suitable for any occasion, which go perfectly with all tastes and all ages. . "

Swatch's story is the story of a revolution. In 1983, the unexpected appearance of a plastic and cheap Swiss watch revolutionized the world of watchmaking. In the 30 years since the classic plastic Swatch models, an extraordinary series of innovative products have been introduced: from the first Original to the Skin and to the incredible variety of Swatch Irony, including the incredible Chrono Automatic. The Color Code collection presents a practically infinite variety of colors, and the New Gent Collection has combined the brand's traditional taste for colored plastic with a large case on which designers can freely exercise their creativity. Another recent expression of the brand's innovative spirit is Swatch Touch, a colorful line of trendy watches with LCD dials and a touch-sensitive area instead of buttons. Baselword 2013 was the perfect occasion for the launch of the SISTEM51, the incredible innovative mechanical movement with only 51 parts, the first with fully automated assembly.

TROLLBEADS consists of a set of refined modular jewels that allow you to create a personalized accessory. At the center of the collection are the beads, each of which has a history that draws inspiration from fairy tales, mythology, astrology but also from the many cultures existing in the world and from everyday life. TROLLBEADS jewels include beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings; a huge collection that allows you to tell your unique story. The name "TROLLBEADS" derives from the first beads ever made, whose features reminded those of a Troll, the goblin. Soren Nielsen created it back in 1976

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