A STORY OF QUALITY FROM VALTELLINA We are an Italian company belonging to the large-scale distribution sector, with a familiar face, born in Valtellina in 1986. To date we have 47 modern stores, including hypermarkets and supermarkets with innovative services aimed at improving the customer's shopping experience. We have a strong regional character and are present in 8 provinces of Lombardy: Sondrio, Bergamo, Lecco, Como, Brescia, Monza Brianza, Milan, Varese.

WE HAVE A PRECISE MISSION Progressively evolve to best meet customer needs. Creating value for its customers, employees, the territory in which we operate and the invested capital.

CONVENIENCE AND SERVICES DEDICATED TO YOU EVERY DAY We select suppliers able to guarantee quality and follow new trends and new food needs. We offer exclusive brands for all product categories, with our Primia, Via Verde Bio, Percorsi di Gusto, Bontà delle Valli and Valtellina Iperal products. We value traditional products and "zero km" productions. We have always the lowest prices, below cost, promotional products and great opportunities for convenience for our customers CartAmica, our loyalty card with reserved services.

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