Old Wild West

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Old Wild West

Welcome to the Old Wild West world.

Roam with us along the legendary frontier routes. The deeper you get into these prairies, the more you will want to stay. It's a unique experience. There's not only food, but much, much more. You can find the pleasure of being with friends and of experiencing a world you thought was lost. And one last advice, take a bite of our unique hamburgers, prepared exclusively with grass-fed Irish Black Angus, sided by fries. 

Taste the best cuts of Argentinian meatand venture with us on the border tracks. The farther you explore the more you will want to stay. Because this is a unique experience, a trip through the far west flavours and much more. It’s company, it’s the pleasure to stay together, it’s living again a time and a world you believed lost.And a last advice my friend: Always watch your back... every dish is so delicious that there is always someone who is drawing their fork out!

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