Yo Yogurt

Iced Yogurt YoYogurt is a high quality, light and tasty handmade product, and it is served and wrapped at the same moment you take it. Its most interesting characteristic is that it can be garnished of your choosing: it offers a wide choice of toppings, from delicious custards with grains, to fresh or dried fruit.

Products: Yogurt, yocrepe, yomusse, yobrioche, yorange, yopuccino, yocannolo, yofrullo, yoice.

Would you taste iced yogurt with your family or with your friends, but are you worried about the inconvenience of the carriage?
We have solved the problem thanks to YOFAMILY a handy, small box, where you can put and carry Yoyogurt products!
Choose the right size of the bowl (4 dimensions) and then…till 4 portions of your favourite topping!


Typology: food-service

Telephone number: 0342/682275

Web: www.yoyogurt.com/

Social: www.yoyogurt.com/

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