Sisley is a brand that has always offered an innovative way of dressing compared to the standards of the time, in line with the avantgarde trends of present time and it is addressed to young people.

Each season, Sisley launches collections for men and women . The aim is to be always in harmony with people who follow the current fashion and to be informed about trendy tendences. Its collections include sportive and casual clothing and elegant and refined clothes : a complete supply for each moment during the day and for all needs, which move up future tendencies, absorb the eccentricity of global fashion and satisfy singular tastes. Sisley collections are very current until the smallest detail, from accessories to colors and textiles that are mixed to obtain a refined and simple style.

Sisley has 850 stores all over the world and represents an unmistakable presence into fashion world and a recognizable way of dressing. Part of this uniqueness is due to the creativity of the design team, a real workshop of imagination and innovation. Sisley designers are attentive to present and future fashion. They are influenced from top fashion designers and they are sensitive to young people’s attractiveness . But, imagination doesn’t exclude precise commercial choices that want to obtain a right relationship between quality and price. This means a continuous research and development in the textile sector and in new technologies.

Typology: male and female clothing

Telephone number: 0342/682178




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