Scorpion Bay is a legendary place set on the west bank of Baja California (Mexico) where the coast presents beautiful bays and a pure protected environment. The Scorpion Bay surf clothing was born in 1987, when two californian surfers, Mike Fischer and Rod Bradford, decided to draw on their t-shirts, their concept of surfing and the emotion transmitted by the bay.
Then and now Scorpion Bay tells its history, its roots, its lifestyle, sea, sun, surfing, colours, ecology, religion, the legends of pirates and conquerors, cerveza, the ethnic feeling, the “ spanglish” spirit and the suggestions of those places.

Surf clothes give all the values cherished in this land through the graphics, colors and fabrics and mix all this elements with technological innovation that guarantees a high quality product.
What makes the difference between Scorpion Bay and other trademarks is the history, the attachment to the roots, the respect for traditions and the passion in making surfing clothing, objects, graphics and settings. All this makes Scorpion Bay not only a brand but a lifestyle also.


Typology: male, female, children clothing and accessories

Telephone number: 0342/032524



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